January 10, 2021

A filter might not be the most complex part of an HVAC system, but it serves a very important duty. Dirt, dander, and other impurities circulating in the air get caught by the filter. Hopefully, the filter will dramatically reduce the number of impurities in the home and the ducts. Filters require changing one time; read on to learn about an ideal timeline for these changes.

Routine Frequencies for Filter Changes

Every 90 to 180 days appears to be the recommended period for changing your furnace filter. Homeowners may embrace prudence and perform the switch at 90 days even if the filter doesn’t look completely clogged. After all, a new filter tends to do a much better job than one used for several weeks.

Homeowners should make sure the filter does its job thoroughly. When the filter starts to clog, expect efficiency to decline. That means the furnace might have to work harder to deliver the same result, driving up heating bills. Additionally, there may be wear and tear inflicted on the parts. Beware of damage to the heat exchanger due to an overheating furnace. Besides being extremely expensive to replace, there are health dangers associated with a damaged heat exchanger. A dirty filter could cause overheating that cracks the exchanger.

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Changing the Filter Ahead of Schedule

The timetable for replacing a filter may change. In a home where the furnace runs extensively, chances are the filter may clog faster. Homes in colder regions would likely find running the furnace extensively unavoidable. If that’s the case, then changing the filter earlier may be necessary.

Other factors may lead to changing the furnace filter faster. Homes with pets, for example, might discover that loose hair becomes a concern. Perhaps changing the filter every 30 to 60 days could address the issue.

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