May 13, 2020

A clogged AC drain pipe can shut your entire air conditioning system down. Since it can be such a headache, it’s important to take care of it right away. Here’s what you need to know about your AC drain pipe.

Signs Your AC Drain Pipe is Clogged

The biggest sign is that your AC system isn’t working. Besides that, you may see water pooling around your air handler unit. You may smell mold in your house, in which case it’s really important to solve the issue right away. You may also see the water safety switch has been triggered.

How to Unclog Your AC Pipe

Always turn off the power to your AC system on the thermostat before you work on your AC system. Next, find the AC drain line. This is a PVC pipe usually near the outdoor condenser unit. You might need a bucket if the pipe is full of water.
There will be a T-shaped vent with a cap over the top of the drain. You can remove the cap and look for the blockage. While wearing protective gloves, you can remove the blockage if it’s within reach. Whatever you do, don’t push it farther down the pipe.
If you can’t remove the clog by hand, you can dump a quarter cup of white vinegar into the AC drain line where you removed the cap. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, mix it with warm water first. Leave the vinegar alone for over 30 minutes and then flush out the pipe with water until it’s flowing as it should.
If the above doesn’t remove the obstruction, you will need a professional to address the issue. For people in Clinton, MO, Logan's Heating & Cooling services air conditioners and removes blockages.

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