January 15, 2020

Your heating system plays an important role in keeping your home comfortable. Choosing the right furnace and keeping it in optimum working condition will not only keep you warm when it is cold outside but also save you a lot of hassle and aggravation.

1. High-Efficiency Furnaces Are Available to Help Save on Heating Costs

With a traditional furnace, a lot of the heat produced goes up the exhaust pipe. Lightly touch the pipe with the back of your hand, and you can feel money going up in smoke. A high-efficiency furnace absorbs the heat from the exhaust to send through your home.

In a high-efficiency furnace, the exhaust is routed through the furnace in such a way to allow the air to absorb the heat contained in it. So much of the heat is absorbed that high-efficiency furnaces use plastic pipe for the exhaust. The experienced professionals at Logan's Heating & Cooling in Clinton, MO, are happy to help you choose an excellent furnace for your home.

2. Furnaces Have Three Main Sections

All furnaces have the following three main sections:

  • Burner box or heating element
  • Heat exchanger
  • Blower

In a fuel-operated furnace, a flame is contained inside a burner box. An electric furnace will have a heating element. The heat exchanger is a barrier that separates combustible gases from the air to be circulated through your home. The blower forces the air throughout your ductwork and into your living spaces.

3. Your Furnace Has Several Safety Shutoff Switches

Safety is important for your furnace. Several safety switches are located in your furnace to shut it off in case its functioning is being compromised. Three of the basic shutdown switches flip in case of:

  • Fuel but no flame
  • Too much heat building up in the heat exchanger
  • Restricted airflow through the blower system

4. Bigger Is Not Better

You may think that an oversized furnace will be more efficient for your home, but the opposite is true. An oversized unit will continually be turning on and off. It will bring your home up to the specified temperature quickly and then turn off. Soon it will turn on again and quickly turn off again.

An efficient heating system is one that needs to stay on longer to maintain the specified temperature. Think of it this way: Is it more fuel-efficient when driving through town to stop and start at every red light or drive at a speed where you do not have to stop at all? This same concept applies to furnaces.

5. A Preventative Maintenance Program Saves Money

Certain parts of your furnace will start to wear. They will need occasional adjustments or replacements. These adjustments and replacements will help to keep your furnace functioning properly. This will save you money in fuel and major repair costs.

You can trust the certified technicians at Logan's Heating & Cooling to keep your heating system running optimally. We have the training and experience to work on both furnaces and air conditioning units. Give us a call to help you with repairs and in choosing a new heating or cooling unit. We also offer indoor air quality and plumbing services! Contact us today.

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