June 12, 2021
Ideal Indoor Temperature in Clinton, MO

Any homeowner who has a home air conditioning system knows that it increases their energy bills during the summer months. Fortunately, setting the thermostat at the right temperature can help to keep your home cool and your energy bills at an affordable level. Finding the right temperature for your home is a challenge.

Finding the Ideal At-Home Temperature

While it would be simple if every homeowner enjoyed the same indoor temperature, that’s simply not the case. Each person and family is different from the next. Experts recommend setting your centralized home air conditioning unit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. This tends to be an ideal blend between keeping your home cool and allowing your energy bills to be manageable.

It’s best to start at 78 degrees and move from there. If your family isn’t comfortable at this temperature, then decrease your thermostat by a degree. Keep going down about one degree every few hours until you reach a comfortable level. While one family may enjoy 78 degrees, another may need to have their thermostat set at 75 degrees.

The Ideal Away Temperature

When most homeowners think about the ideal thermostat temperature for their home, they tend to only think about the temperature while they’re at home. The reality is that they can save themselves a bundle by turning up the thermostat when they’re not at home. It’s recommended to turn your thermostat up 10 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not home.

With a programmable thermostat, this is very simple to do. You can actually plan out your entire week in a few moments. You’ll want to increase the thermostat temperature about an hour before you leave your home. Then, you’ll want to decrease it back to your ideal at-home temperature about an hour before you expect to arrive back home. This will give your home an adequate amount of time to cool back down to a comfortable temperature before you walk through the door.

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