March 16, 2021

The sewer smells coming from your bathroom can be annoying, but learning the causes of such smells can help you deal with them. Here are some causes of sewer smells in a bathroom.

All Clogged Up

A clogged-up toilet could be the reason for the sewer smell in the bathroom. You can try a plunger to unclog your toilet and get rid of the sewer smell. However, if it doesn’t get rid of the toilet clog, you probably need a professional plumber for the task. The blockage could be too hard, or there could be another problem that requires a plumbing expert.

Inadequate Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation is not necessarily a plumbing issue, but it could cause the sewer smell in your bathroom. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture and humidity that can encourage mold growth. Therefore, if the room lacks enough ventilation, mold thrives in the environment and can cause a sewer smell.

Toilet Wax Ring

The wax ring around the toilet can deteriorate over time. If that happens, the space between the wax ring and toilet could cause sewer smells in your bathroom because it allows the gas to escape from the toilet’s drain. You can tell when the wax ring under the toilet is deteriorating when your toilet develops a wobble or slants slightly.

Vent Pipe Leakage

If you notice a sewer smell from the walls near your toilet, it could be due to a cut or incorrectly installed vent pipe. The vent pipe regulates air pressure in the plumbing system and redirects the smells outside your house to prevent them from leaking back into the bathroom.

Call a licensed plumber when you notice sewer odors in your bathroom. Our team of professional and experienced plumbers will inspect your toilet and bathroom drains and offer a solution. We can also help with ductwork, indoor air quality, heating, cooling, and hot water heaters. Are you looking for a reputable plumbing company in Clinton? Contact Logan's Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment today!

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