February 12, 2021
Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be as annoying as no hot water at all. Surprisingly, your water pressure might reduce so gradually that you may not even realize it at first. Low water pressure affects more than showering; it also makes other tasks, such as laundry and washing dishes, tedious.

There could be other underlying issues that are affecting your plumbing system and causing the low water pressure. Here are some of the potential reasons why your home in Clinton, MO, is experiencing low water pressure.

Main Water Source Issue

A problem with the main water source could be the reason behind the low water pressure in your home. Therefore, before you even call your plumber, ensure that you first talk to the city. Usually, homes experience temporary pressure loss during hydrant testing. However, water pressure returns to normalcy once the testing is completed.

Well Issues

It is also common to realize low water pressure if you reside in a neighborhood that receives water from a community well. There has to be a water shortage, mostly during the summer months. Also, wells have parts that can become faulty. You can check with your neighbors if you get water supply from a well to confirm if it’s the cause or not.


Clogged pipes are known to cause low water pressure in homes. Pipes contain the buildup of materials that prevent water from flowing through to faucets and toilets. The clog types happen when water in pipes corrodes or rusts them, making it hard for water to pass into your home.


Leaks are common causes of low water pressure. Besides, causing low water pressure, leaks also cause several other costly plumbing problems. Therefore, it would be best to hire a plumber when you notice leaks in your home.

We have bonded, licensed and experienced plumbers to help you deal with low water pressure issues. Our team will visit your home for inspection and fix the issue to make your home comfortable. You can also rely on our team of experts for electrical, ductwork, heating, and cooling services. Contact Logan's Heating & Cooling whenever you are in doubt about the water pressure in your home.

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