October 20, 2020

It isn’t uncommon for your furnace to emit a burning smell after being turned on for the first time in several months. In some cases, it may be a cause for concern, but there is also a chance that you have nothing to worry about. Let’s take a look at some reasons why your furnace may smell like it’s burning.

Excess Dust Is Being Burned Off

Over the course of the spring and summer months, dust will likely accumulate on fan blades, motor blowers, and other parts of your furnace. When you turn it on for the first time, the air surrounding your furnace will become hot enough for the dust to burn away. Assuming that your heating system is functioning normally, you shouldn’t smell anything the next time that the furnace is activated.

An Air Filter May Need to Be Replaced

A dirty air filter may cause a motor or fan blade to spin faster or harder than it otherwise would. In most cases, it will cause the object to heat up and potentially generate smoke or other harmful pollutants. Fortunately, it should only take a few minutes and cost a few dollars to replace a clogged filter with a clean one.

The Furnace Itself Is Too Hot

In most cases, your furnace will shut itself off if it hits a certain temperature. However, if the component that is responsible for deactivating the furnace is defective, it could become hot enough to catch on fire. Ideally, you will manually shut down your heating system until a technician from Logan's Heating & Cooling in Clinton can take a look at it. A technician may be able to either repair the problem or install a new furnace if your current one isn’t safe to use anymore.

If you suspect that your furnace or other heating system components are not working properly, give the folks at Logan's Heating & Cooling a call today! We can also perform indoor air quality assessments and provide residential electrical services.

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