September 20, 2021
Furnace Replacement in Clinton, MO

It’ll be winter before you know it. Is your furnace up for the challenge? It may be time that you upgrade to a new furnace to bring your family through the new season. Noticing the signs that you need a new furnace will help you have a smooth process before it’s too late. There are six main signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your furnace.

Higher Energy Bills

A gradual increase in your energy bill will tell you that you have an issue that is becoming worse. Depending on the issue, it may require that you replace your furnace. On the other hand, a sharp increase in your bill is more likely to indicate that your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan.

More Repairs

The amount of repairs your furnace undergoes is a gigantic hint toward whether or not you need a replacement. If you notice an increase over years of things going wrong with your furnace, that means your furnace has accumulated wear and tear. Parts of your furnace are likely reaching past their expiration. It’s much more cost-effective to invest in a new one.

Soot in Your Home

Soot is not only a sign of a failing furnace but also of danger to your home. Soot around the register and grille of your furnace indicate a buildup of carbon dioxide. This issue could spread through your home, damaging your wood surfaces and plants. Therefore, it’s important to fix this issue before it gets out of hand.


You may begin to see rust and crack around your furnace when it starts to reach the end of its lifespan. External damage to your furnace isn’t necessarily a sign you need an immediate replacement. However, it does mean you should begin looking for an upgrade to your eroding system.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Your furnace should distribute heat relatively even throughout your home. If you’re walking from the kitchen to your bedroom and notice that some areas are cooler than others, it’s a sign that your furnace is beginning to fail. Depending on the age of your furnace, this may be a sign that it’s time to begin searching for a new one.

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